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Stupid Lawyer

I laughed out loud recently, while reviewing case summaries our office receives on noteworthy court cases. The case that made me chuckle was written by an appeals court in Albany, regarding a ...
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Does Granny Really Need a Pre-Nup?

You might be surprised just how often folks in their seventies and eighties decide to remarry, and subsequently come to see us for the preparation of a pre-nuptial agreement. While the client wants a ...
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Joint Custody? Sole Custody?

Collectively, the attorneys in our office have handled close to one thousand Family Court custody cases over the years. The most pressing issue that confronts the client in most cases, after deciding ...
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Those Pushy New Yorkers

A woman named Patricia Garcia was standing on a subway platform in Queens, New York one day, and was apparently accidently pushed off the platform by a large crowd waiting to board the next train (if ...
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Don't Buy That "Good Neighbor" Baloney

I spend almost all of my time at work representing people injured in car accidents and construction accidents. Consequently, I have experience suing State Farm Insurance and dealing with their defense ...
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Sperm Donor Ordered to Pay Child Support

So a lesbian couple advertises in a local penny saver in Kansas for a sperm donor, so one of them can be inseminated and they can have a baby. A local man, Bill, sees the add, learns he can make a ...
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Why it is Important to See a Lawyer Immediately

Poor Gina G. (yes, that is her real name and no, she is not our client). Her sexual history may be detailed in front of a courtroom full of people because she waited to speak with a lawyer regarding ...
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Federal Judge Rules Flashing Motorists is Unconstitutional

So you are driving home from work one night and you pass a police car in a roadside speed trap. You decide to do your good deed for the day, and you flash your headlights to cars going in the opposite ...
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Hazards of Texting While Driving

While driving recently, I caught myself trying to answer an e-mail on my cell phone that I thought, at the time, was urgent. As I was attempting to type a response, shifting my attention from the ...
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The Great Equalizer

Some time in the future, historians will look back upon the present, and compare the technological advancements made over the last twenty years to the great cultural Renaissance that began in the 14 ...
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Lessons Learned in $2,315,000 Accident Lawsuit

Last week I won a $2,315,000 trial verdict for a nineteen year old car accident client, who suffered several broken bones in the crash. The trial took place over the course of one week in Monroe ...
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Law Places Little Value On Children, Seniors

In case you hadn't heard, there was another fatal car wreck in Livingston County recently. In that accident, an 82 year old man died when another vehicle veered into his lane on Route 20(a) in ...
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I Hate Giving People Bad News

One of the more unpleasant things I must do as a lawyer is give a client bad news. This is particularly true when the client or a loved one has been badly injured in a car accident, and then we find ...
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Here We Go Again

A new client was recently injured after being struck by a car while walking through a parking lot in Monroe County. The driver of the car fled the scene, but was later apprehended by police ...
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Almost Larceny

Conduct by some lawyers helps me understand why public opinion often views attorneys as greedy. Many of the lawyers who practice personal injury law are at the top of the list of those responsible for ...
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Good For The Lawyer, Bad For The Client

That which passes for the "usual" injury lawyer advertising these days really irks me. The cheesy, money grubbing feel of much of this advertising is downright demeaning and insulting, not ...
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Oh No! My Structured Settlement is with AIG!

Many people who have been injured in an accident by the wrong of another often accept a "structured settlement" of the money due them on their case. A structured settlement is a stream of ...
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The Dog Did It?

Having been blamed for destroying/eating/soiling uncountable sheets of homework since the time papyrus was first employed as paper, man's best friend is now being blamed for causing a bad car ...
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That's Just Wrong

I am a big believer in folks taking personal responsibility for their actions, and I am not at all keen on the idea of blaming others when something bad happens. Sometimes, however, we can and should ...
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They Think They're Invincible

The mindset that allows a young man at war to jump out of a foxhole and charge a machine gunner blazing away, is the certainty that no harm or injury can come to him. He is invincible, and the ...
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Do "Hate" Crime Laws Violate 14th Amendment?

There has been a rash of "hate" crimes allegedly committed against gays in New York State recently. "Hate" crime laws have proliferated in the United States in recent years, and ...
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Who Is To Blame?

A mother of three children, Rosemary, was in bed in her apartment in the Bronx, watching television with her seventeen month old daughter, Sapphire. Rosemary had just told her older son to take a bath ...
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What a Bad, Stupid Law

One of the reasons I decided to devote my business to personal injury law is because I absolutely detested working on certain divorce files. Here is more proof that I made the right decision: You may ...
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When is $400,000 not $400,000???

When people become ill with a dangerous disease or a severe health problem, they don't want to go and see their family doctor, they want a specialist, and it makes sense. You want the best ...
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Traffic Ticket Not Prerequisite to Recovery

September was an unusually bad month for traffic fatalities in and around Rochester and Livingston County. There were a large number of traffic accidents that resulted in death, including several ...
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