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If you are currently facing a legal matter, then you need skilled representation on your side. Choosing which firm will represent you, can be a very difficult decision when so many firms claim to be the best. At Van Allen & Hoffmann, LLP, our Livingston County lawyers genuinely care about our clients, and if you choose to work with us, then you can be sure that we will stand by you and work with you toward the results that you need. Throughout our 50 years of experience, we have come to empathize with our clients and can provide a great deal of insight into what you can expect in your case. You can be sure that we will put our years of experience to work for you.

We currently hold the highest jury verdict in a personal injury action in Livingston County history, and we have a track record consisting of more than $50 million in recovered verdicts throughout our years in practice. We understand the physical, emotional, and financial hardships that you may be experiencing; we are dedicated to providing excellent service for our clients. Read through our past case results to get a better idea of how we may approach your case and to learn more about our success in the past.

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$2.6 million dollar settlement for a construction worker who fell off a roof. A Livingston County man received numerous broken bones and other injuries which prohibited him from returning to his construction job. We sued the building owner and general contractor on the job because they failed to provide safety equipment which could have prevented his fall from the roof. On the day the trial was scheduled to start, the insurance company gave in to our settlement demands and the case was resolved.

$300,000 for a woman who suffered a broken leg in a car accident. A Wyoming County woman received a $300,000 settlement from the insurance company for the man who ran a stop sign causing the accident with our client's car. $300,000 was the full amount of the insurance coverage available.

$6,300,000 Ralph L., a 35-year-old truck driver from Buffalo, New York, suffered a brain injury when the tractor-trailer he was operating went out of control. The jury found that the tractor-trailer was defectively designed and that these defects contributed to his injury. The jury awarded Ralph $4.3 million and his wife $2.0 million against Peterbilt, the manufacturer of the truck

$6,100,000 Joe W., a 32-year-old, African-American, from Rochester, New York, was an inmate in jail awaiting trial. He complained to the jail doctors of increasing back pain over a 2-week period. His complaints went unheeded. Finally, he was diagnosed with a tumor on his spine, which left him partially paralyzed from the waist down. Several county and state employees were found to be responsible. Following two trials, he received $6,100,000 - $2,100,000 from the County and its doctors and $4,000,000 from the State.

$5,800,000 Michelle S., a 28-year-old truck driver from Henrietta, New York, was paralyzed from the waist down when she opened the back doors of her tractor-trailer and several boxes weighing 300 lbs. a piece fell on her. The company that loaded her trailer paid her $5,800,000 because their employees did not properly secure the boxes.

$3,800,000 Bob W., 38, of Alexander, New York, suffered a closed head injury leaving him with severe migraine headaches on an almost daily basis, when he was struck in the head by a steel lever while at work on a State construction project. The State was found responsible at trial, and Bob was awarded $3,800,000.

$3,600,000 Brad S., 35, of Leicester, New York, suffered numerous broken bones in an auto accident on Route 20, just outside of Avon, New York. A Livingston County jury awarded him and his wife $3,600,000 against the owner and operator of the SUV that crossed over the center line and hit him head-on. This is by far the largest verdict ever awarded in Livingston County.

$3,500,000 Bob U., 40, of Canadice, New York, sustained a mild brain injury when he fell off the roof of a crane he was servicing at a bridge demolition site supervised by the State. Following a trial, Bob and his wife recovered $3,500,000 against the State for failing to follow safety regulations on the site.

$3,400,000 for a 38-year-old electrician from Avon, New York, when he sustained serious leg injuries when he fell 10 feet from a platform he was standing on while at work. His injuries required him to give up his career and enter another field. A Rochester, New York, jury awarded him $3,400,000 against the general contractor of the construction project for failing to oversee safety.

$2,900,000 for a 40-year-old ironworker from Oschweken, Ontario Canada when he sustained injuries to his back, knee, ankle and finger when a steel beam he was standing on, while performing construction work, collapsed because of a defective weld. Following a weeklong trial in Niagara County, New York, a jury awarded him $2,900,000.

$2,800,000 for a man from Olean, New York, when he lost a leg when the brakes on a log skidder he was using malfunctioned. A Cattaraugus County jury awarded him and his wife $2,800,000 against the manufacturer of the log skidder.

$2,500,000 for a woman from Canandaigua, New York, who suffered numerous broken bones and scars when a Federal Express truck ran a stop sign and struck the car she was driving. A jury in Canandaigua awarded her and her husband $2,500,000.

$2,500,000 for a man from Reading Center, New York, when he was seriously burned in an explosion inside a septic tank he was repairing at a cheese manufacturing plant in Campbell, New York. A Steuben County jury awarded him $2,500,000 against the owner of the septic tank for failing to comply with State safety regulations.

$50,000 for a woman from Geneseo who was injured in an automobile accident. The driver of the vehicle failed to yield the right of way.

$2,400,000 for a Greece construction worker for serious injuries he suffered while helping to build a prison in Seneca County. He suffered a broken right hip and a back injury when he was pinned between a concrete wall and a metal panel used to form the wall at Five Points Correctional Facility in Romulus, N.Y.

$600,000 for a man who was injured by a defective product. This case led to a nationwide recall of a dangerous product.

$250,000 for a man from Livingston County who was injured in an automobile accident when the driver of the vehicle fell asleep at the wheel.

$45,000.00 for an Avon woman who slipped and fell in a parking lot. She fell as a result of a sloppy contractor's negligence (he had previously been warned that he was creating a hazardous condition)

$2,100,000 for a man from Mt. Morris, New York, who was an apprentice bricklayer working on a State University of New York dormitory in Buffalo, New York, when he was hit on the shoulder by a 20 lb. piece of cable that had fallen 10 stories. He suffered a significant shoulder injury that ended his promising career. After four days of trial in Geneseo, New York, his case settled for $2,100,000 against the construction companies responsible.

$1,665,000 for a 40 year old bricklayer-mason from Avon, when he sustained a serious neck injury in an auto accident in Rochester. While stopped for a red light, he was hit from behind by an inattentive driver. His injury required surgery including the insertion of a steel plate and screw in his upper spine. He can no longer do heavy work. After a four day trial and just before the jury was to decide the case, the insurance company for the other driver agreed to pay the full extent of its insurance - $1,665,000

$1,500,000 for a 36-year-old, African-American, union bricklayer, from Rochester, New York, when he suffered severely torn ligaments in both of his wrists and a significant knee injury when he fell from a makeshift scaffold while laying brick. His case settled following jury selection for $1,500,000 against the safety manager of the construction site.

$1,500,000 for a 38-year-old, Hispanic, bricklayer-mason, when he fell off a plank from which he was performing his work, landing on his head and shoulder. He sustained a concussion, a fractured wrist and a back injury. He can no longer do heavy construction. His case settled, during trial, for $1,500,000 against the company in charge of safety on the site.

$1,500,000 for a man from Groveland, New York, who suffered two fractured wrists when he fell from the roof of a local high school while performing renovations to the roof. After a trial lasting just over a week, a Rochester, New York, jury awarded him $1,500,000 against the owner of the construction site and the general contractor.

$1,500,000 for a 43-year-old union painter, from Rochester, New York, who was injured when a single plank scaffold he was standing on collapsed. He suffered a fractured heel and leg and was unable to return to painting. After 4 days of trial, his case settled for $1,500,000 against the owner of the construction site, whose employees had inadvertently moved the plank shortly before he fell.

$1,325,000 for a 56 year old laborer, from Rochester, New York, who was seriously injured when he fell through a broken catwalk he was repairing. He plunged 15 feet to the ground and suffered a spinal fracture requiring surgery with a spinal fusion. He is unable to return to work due to his injuries. The case settled for $1,325,000, one week before the trial was to begin. This settlement is in addition to the money he received from Workers' Compensation.

$75,000 for a woman from Hornell, New York who was injured by a dog-bite.

$1,300,000 for a 25-year-old roofer from Nunda, New York, who was injured when a gust of wind blew him off a barn roof he was installing. He sustained back injuries that were severe enough to end his career as a roofer. Following a weeklong trial in Rochester, New York, a jury awarded him $1,300,000 against the owner of the barn for failing to oversee safety.

$1,200,000 for a man from of Rochester, New York, who was a non-union carpenter. He was installing trusses for a house that was under construction when he fell 15 feet and landed on his back on a large rock. He fractured his spine and underwent surgery. He can no longer do heavy construction and now works as an indoor carpenter/handyman. Following a weeklong trial in Rochester, a jury awarded him $1,200,000 against the contractor responsible for safety.

$1,200,000 for a man from Dansville, New York, was struck by lightning while working as a laborer on a construction site in Attica, New York. His only injury was severe tinnitus (ringing of the ears). Just before trial, the general contractor of the construction site settled for $1,200,000 for requiring him and other laborers to work outside during a lightning storm.

$2,600,000 for a woman from Rochester who was seriously injured when the vehicle she was riding crashed as a result of the driver's negligence.

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