Gander Mountain Tree stand Recall Due to Legal Action by Injured Hunter

While personal injury lawsuits and lawyers get their fair share of criticism, the good that comes from some of those lawsuits (and lawyers) also deserves recognition. A very good example can be found in the recent decision by the Consumer Product Safety Commission announcing the recall of certain Gander Mountain hunting tree stands.

The tree stands that are being recalled are 2008 models GMT 101 and GMT 103 Hang On-Fixed Position Tree stands. Why were those defective tree stands recalled? Because a Livingston County, New York, man has sued Gander Mountain in federal court in Rochester, New York, for the very serious injuries he sustained when his brand-new GMT 103 tree stand collapsed beneath him, without warning, causing him to fall approximately fourteen feet to the ground. If not for this man's lawsuit we brought on his behalf, chances are excellent these defective products would still be in the marketplace and being purchased and used. And unfortunately, more people would likely be hurt or killed if the stands were not recalled.

So the next time you hear someone complain about personal injury lawyers and lawsuits, remind them that it is those very cases and lawyers that are responsible for forcing companies to remove their dangerous and defective products, preventing further injury.