Family of Victor Man Killed in Tree Stand Accident May Have Lawsuit

If reports surrounding the tree stand accident that killed Victor's Eric Docteur are true, his family may have a good product liability lawsuit against the retailer and manufacturer of the tree stand. I am hearing from different sectors that a bolt that supported the tree stand failed and sheared off, causing the platform to collapse (this sounds very similar to my client's case pending in federal court in Rochester, where a Livingston County man badly injured by a defective Gander Mountain stand).

Of course, before it can be determined if the Docteur's family has a legitimate claim, his tree stand will need to be collected and preserved in its current condition without alteration so it can be examined by a forensic engineer to determine the cause of the failure. The family really needs to talk to a good injury lawyer with experience in hunting product liability cases (like me) so that their rights to sue can be properly investigated and prosecuted.

They should also save all of the packaging and instructions that came with the stand, as well as any safety harness supplied with the stand.

What a shame and what a tragedy.