Tree stands Hunters Beware!

A second hunter from Ontario County, New York, Richard Vinson has been injured falling from a tree stand. We don't know yet why he fell (did the stand collapse or was it otherwise faulty?), but we do know he was not properly restrained- and that is the rub with tree stand falls. Tree stands are incredibly dangerous and unless you are wearing a decent controlled harness (one that slowly lowers you to the ground), you may be better off taking your chances falling- at least you won't die from strangulation from a chest harness or poorly designed full body harness.

Okay, I am a hunter and I admit that I have enjoyed hunting out of a tree stand. However, I won't do it ever again without an appropriate safety harness, because the risk of death and/or grave injury isn't worth it. As an injury attorney who has represented hunters injured by faulty and defective tree stands, I have learned just how unbelievably dangerous tree stands are.

When I learn more about these falls I will write more.