Another Motorcycle Accident Ends in Tragedy

As a personal injury lawyer in Livingston County, New York, my heart goes out to the family of twenty-five year old Kade O'Brien, who was killed when a car driven by an older woman who cut him off in traffic on Clover Street in Pittsford yesterday. Did the weather play a role in the accident? While it is certainly would not be an excuse, given the long string of cloudy weather we have had in the Rochester are, perhaps the driver was distracted by the sunshine and sightseeing.

Either way, the woman was at fault as she failed to yield the right of way. Let's pray for Mr. O'Brien's family. And let's hope that either the driver had a large liability policy to compensate Mr. O'Brien's family, or, that Mr. O'Brien had a large SUM policy. And let's hope his injury lawyer knows what a SUM policy is.