Construction Worker May Have Case Against Monroe Water Authority

New York's Labor Law was designed to protect construction workers from accidents and injuries on the job, by requiring contractors and others to provide safety equipment to workers. Based on news reports out to date, it appears that the family of Thomas Means of Walworth, Wayne County, New York, may have a claim against the Monroe County Water Authority, and others, based on their failure to provide him safety equipment that would have prevented him from falling to his death.

Mr. Means was killed while working on a tunnel project under Lake Ontario. He apparently fell off of a locomotive he and others were riding underground, which, tragically, could easily have been avoided by the use of a tether and harness.

As an injury and accident lawyer, it really bothers me when I hear the insurance industry lobby to have New York's Labor Law repealed, so that insurance company profits can be padded at the expense of hard working folks like Mr. Means and his family. How about this for an idea instead: provide the safety equipment to the workers the law says you should provide, and then we won't have any more tragedies and you, insurance companies, won't face any more lawsuits.