Protect yourself and your family from irresponsible drivers

Eighteen year old Tyler Guadioso pleaded guilty in court with his lawyer in Rochester, New York, yesterday to Vehicular Homicide in the Second-Degree for causing the car crash that killed Dorothy Louis last year. Tyler was, by his own admission, drunk and high at the time of the 2010 car accident. Unfortunately, there are many, many Tyler Guadiosos out there, often driving with the minimum insurance required in New York. How low is the minimum? It will pay up to $25,000 to any one person injured in the accident, and up to only $50,000 in total.

How can you protect yourself from the Tyler Guadiosos of the world? Simple. Call your insurance agent today and buy as much SUM insurance as they will sell you. This is special insurance coverage that your insurance company pays you if the other guy caused the accident and he doesn't have enough insurance to fairly compensate you for your injuries. You may have to hire an experienced injury attorney to fight for you if you are forced to make a claim against your company, but it is worth it. I am in the middle of a nasty SUM case right now in Geneseo, Livingston County, but I am confident we will win. The depths to which insurance companies sink never cease to amaze me.