Jim Alesi Sues Homeowner For Injuries Received While Trespassing

My parents always told me that actions speak louder than words. In the case of New York State Senator Jim Alesi, his recent actions speak volumes about his absolute lack of character.

Here is what happened, based in part on news accounts and in part Alesi's own lawsuit papers: Alesi (I can't bring myself to put "Mr." in front of his name) decided that after a nice dinner and a night out with a friend, that he wanted to look at a home under construction in a new development. So he went to the house in the development, found the front door locked, walked around back to a basement door, and let himself in. While attempting to climb a ladder to the second story, he fell and broke his leg. Police arrived on the scene and advised the homeowners, an elderly couple, that they could have Alesi arrested. The owners of the home decided not to charge him with trespassing (they have character and a good, decent people) and all appeared to be over.

However, last week Alesi chose to sue the homeowner and the builder for his injuries, claiming it was their fault he got injured, rather than his own. And he did so on the same day the statute of limitations reportedly ran out on the trespassing charge.

What a scumbag. Is there any more clear example of what is wrong with politicians in this state? And what does it say about the lawyer who decided to take that dirtbag on as a client and sue the blameless homeowner and builder? As an accident lawyer myself, it really angers me thinking about the damage Alesi and his lawyer are doing to the credibility of injury lawyers and lawsuits and, more importantly, how their conduct will make it all the more difficult for good, honest people who have been injured by the wrongs of others to get justice. You can't blame jurors on injury cases for being skeptical when horse crap like this goes on.