Simson Family Deserves Their Day in Court

My heart breaks for the family of thirty-four year old Jennifer Simson of Irondequoit. She was the unfortunate woman who was killed when a Town of Pittsford, New York, snowplow backed into her in a parking lot last week. She is survived by a heartbroken husband and three very young children who miss her and are hurting terribly.

No doubt her family will hire an injury lawyer and sue the Town, and, based upon Rochester news accounts to date, they will likely win in court (I can't see how she could be to blame at all in this tragedy). As an injury lawyer, I am sick and tired of hearing about how juries award too much money to accident victims. Without knowing Ms. Simson's earnings (she was an accountant), even assuming a modest salary, her wrongful death claim will be significant. And adding in work benefits, given her age, the case will be likely worth millions.

No amount of money can assuage the grief this family is feeling, and the law, as cold and heartless as it is, does not attempt to do so. But at least her family's tragic loss can be lessened by easing the financial pain.