Final Decision on Simson Snowplow Accident Isn't Really Final

I am generally a big fan and supporter of those in law enforcement, but I think the Monroe County Sheriff's Department got it wrong when they chose not to charge the driver of the snowplow who ran over and killed Jennifer Simson while backing up a large snowplow in a parking lot in February. The driver had an obligation to be certain no one was behind him, and his talking on a cell phone at the time (distracted driving!) only makes him more culpable.

The salve on the Simson family's wounds is that they can still sue the driver and the Town of Pittsford for causing her death, irrespective of the fact that the driver wasn't charged with an offense. Running down and killing someone with a large truck while you are talking on the phone is reckless and negligent, and I don't care how bad the driver feels. He and the Town (his employer) should be held accountable! As a car accident lawyer in Livingston County (and more importantly, as a husband to a mother with three children), justice must be served.