In Criminal Cases, Always Exercise Your Right to Remain Silent

I just read on the news that 8 college kids were arrested in Geneseo for suspicion of drug possession. First, as of right now, these kids are innocent in the eyes of the law. The constitution guarantees them that. Second, they should absolutely exercise their right to remain silent. A wise lawyer once told me that "you can't get in trouble for what you DON'T say." This is not only sound legal advice, but sound advice in general. Lastly, these kids each need to get their own criminal defense attorneys and they need to do it quick. In any criminal case like this, time is not on their side. In my opinion they need a criminal defense lawyer in Livingston County and/or Geneseo, New York. That way they will have someone familiar with the "legal landscape" of the place where their case will be heard. They also should know that their Federal Financial Aid may be in jeopardy with a drug crime conviction (see previous article).