Injury Lawyer Likely Motive for Taking Super Tough Lidle Case to Trial

The jury on the Cory Lidle wrongful death case only deliberated for three hours before finding that it was Lidle's faulty piloting of the aircraft that caused the crash and killed Lidle in New York in 2006, rather than a defective aircraft. For a trial that lasted nearly a month, three hours of jury deliberation is a sign that the case was a slam dunk for the defense, and a slap in the face of Lidle's injury lawyer.

If the case was so one-sided why did the Lidle family lawyer take it to trial? Simple. The case, if the family had won, was probably worth in excess of fifty million dollars. Why? Because the money you are entitled to in a wrongful death case in large measure is the value of the dead person's lost wages. Because Mr. Lidle was making several million dollars per year and was fairly young, his lost earnings as a major league baseball pitcher were enormous.

Makes me wonder from my office in Geneseo, Livingston County, how large a settlement offer, if any was made, and if the family regrets the decision turning it down.............