Seatbelts save lives and save legal claims

My heart breaks for the family of David Greer, from Avon, Livingston County, New York, who was killed in a car accident last week involving four other teens. I feel equally for Cassandra Mader, also from Avon, who was the driver of the vehicle. She received minor injuries and will recover.

Three of the teens involved in the accident were not wearing seat belts and were thrown from the vehicle. I hope that they heal up 100%, as their failure to wear a seatbelt might prevent them from recovering in court for their injuries. This is because New York state has a law that says if you were in a car accident and were injured and you were not wearing a seat belt, the jury on your case MUST deduct from the jury award all of the money you would otherwise get if your injuries would have been prevented by wearing a seat belt.

Ironically, it appears that the front seat passenger, who was wearing a seat belt, got banged up pretty bad. May she recover rapidly as well. At least she won't be punished in court for failure to wear a seatbelt in any case she and her car accident lawyer might bring against the person who caused accident.