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  • They Think They're Invincible
    They Think They're Invincible

    The mindset that allows a young man at war to jump out of a foxhole and charge a machine gunner blazing away, is the certainty that no harm or injury can come to him. He is invincible, and the "bad ...

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  • Do
    Do "Hate" Crime Laws Violate 14th Amendment?

    There has been a rash of "hate" crimes allegedly committed against gays in New York State recently. "Hate" crime laws have proliferated in the United States in recent years, and their ...

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  • Who Is To Blame?
    Who Is To Blame?

    A mother of three children, Rosemary, was in bed in her apartment in the Bronx, watching television with her seventeen month old daughter, Sapphire. Rosemary had just told her older son to take a bath ...

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  • What a Bad, Stupid Law
    What a Bad, Stupid Law

    One of the reasons I decided to devote my business to personal injury law is because I absolutely detested working on certain divorce files. Here is more proof that I made the right decision: You may ...

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  • When is $400,000 not $400,000???
    When is $400,000 not $400,000???

    When people become ill with a dangerous disease or a severe health problem, they don't want to go and see their family doctor, they want a specialist, and it makes sense. You want the best treatment ...

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  • Traffic Ticket Not Prerequisite to Recovery
    Traffic Ticket Not Prerequisite to Recovery

    September was an unusually bad month for traffic fatalities in and around Rochester and Livingston County. There were a large number of traffic accidents that resulted in death, including several ...

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