What a Bad, Stupid Law

One of the reasons I decided to devote my business to personal injury law is because I absolutely detested working on certain divorce files. Here is more proof that I made the right decision:

You may have heard recently that New York State has made changes to the State's divorce laws. One of those changes (that made the biggest headlines) is that a spouse no longer needs to prove fault ("grounds") to get divorced in New York. Wanna be divorced? You got it. No need to prove anything.

Another change to the law that got absolutely no media coverage is the change that I am fired up about. This new law now makes the spouse that is "monied" (meaning the spouse that has more income and resources than the other) pay all of the attorney's fees, expert fees and other court costs of the other spouse. What does this change mean? It means that divorce cases are going to get dragged out even longer, and cost even more money, because there is no financial incentive to settle, as the one side that is having all her/his bills paid by the other will drag it out endlessly to hurt the hated soon-to-be ex. Why should they settle when the other side is paying all of their legal bills? Imagine a cat toying with a near dead mouse for its own enjoyment and pleasure and you will have an idea what this is going to be like.

This law had to be written and proposed by greedy divorce lawyers. It should be called the "Pay the Divorce Lawyer Till He/She is Rich and Your Ex is Broke Law". What a bad, stupid law.

Many divorce attorneys are good, honest folks, but there is a large pool of divorce lawyers who are blood sucking leeches.