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  • Stupid Lawyer
    Stupid Lawyer

    I laughed out loud recently, while reviewing case summaries our office receives on noteworthy court cases. The case that made me chuckle was written by an appeals court in Albany, regarding a ...

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  • Does Granny Really Need a Pre-Nup?
    Does Granny Really Need a Pre-Nup?

    You might be surprised just how often folks in their seventies and eighties decide to remarry, and subsequently come to see us for the preparation of a pre-nuptial agreement. While the client wants a ...

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  • Joint Custody?  Sole Custody?
    Joint Custody? Sole Custody?

    Collectively, the attorneys in our office have handled close to one thousand Family Court custody cases over the years. The most pressing issue that confronts the client in most cases, after deciding ...

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  • Those Pushy New Yorkers
    Those Pushy New Yorkers

    A woman named Patricia Garcia was standing on a subway platform in Queens, New York one day, and was apparently accidently pushed off the platform by a large crowd waiting to board the next train (if ...

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  • Don't Buy That
    Don't Buy That "Good Neighbor" Baloney

    I spend almost all of my time at work representing people injured in car accidents and construction accidents . Consequently, I have experience suing State Farm Insurance and dealing with their ...

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  • Sperm Donor Ordered to Pay Child Support
    Sperm Donor Ordered to Pay Child Support

    So a lesbian couple advertises in a local penny saver in Kansas for a sperm donor, so one of them can be inseminated and they can have a baby. A local man, Bill, sees the add, learns he can make a ...

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