Federal Judge Rules Flashing Motorists is Unconstitutional

So you are driving home from work one night and you pass a police car in a roadside speed trap. You decide to do your good deed for the day, and you flash your headlights to cars going in the opposite direction (the universal message for "Slow down, there is a speed trap ahead!"). We've all done it, and so did a man in Ellisville, Missouri. However, the police saw him do it and arrested him for violating a city ordinance and told him the fine for doing so was $1,000!

Well, the ACLU got involved and sued the City, claiming that the act of flashing his lights was a form of speech, and that the City violated his 1st Amendment rights as a result. A federal judge in Missouri agreed with him, ruling that the city ordinance was unconstitutional and unenforceable.

As for women flashing their breasts at passing motorists, that conduct remains unlawful and it is not a form of protected speech due to the significant safety hazards created by such conduct- as it should be.