Sperm Donor Ordered to Pay Child Support

So a lesbian couple advertises in a local penny saver in Kansas for a sperm donor, so one of them can be inseminated and they can have a baby. A local man, Bill, sees the add, learns he can make a quick $100 and agrees to meet the women to deliver his donation in a plastic container.

The exchange is made, and the people involved sign an agreement whereby they say Bill waives all rights as a father and the ladies waive all rights to child support. They part, the ladies do their thing (reportedly with a turkey baster), and, voila, nine months later a baby is born……..but the ladies' bliss ends there as they spilt up shortly thereafter. They then fought over custody and the winner (Julia) sued Bill for child support. And in January, 2014 in Topeka, a Judge just decided that Bill must pay child support for the next twenty-one years!!!!

Apparently, Kansas has a law that says if a man wishes to donate sperm, he must do it through a hospital and a specific procedure, and if he does, he is immune from paying child support. If the procedure is not followed exactly, it is as if the man and the woman made the baby "old school" style. Who knew?

What are the lessons to be learned here? Never, ever, ever try to draw an important legal document without a lawyer, and don't do stupid stuff like become a sperm donor for $100!