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What New York Law Says About Weapon Possession

In the state of New York, much like the rest of the country, it is illegal to possess certain weapons without a permit and/or proper certification. The severity of the criminal charges you would stand to face will be determined by the type of weapon that was discovered by law enforcement, where you were at the time that the weapon was discovered (i.e. on school grounds vs. in your home), and how the weapon was used. The laws concerning weapon possession are outlined in Article 265 of the New York Penal Code; each criminal offense regarding weapon possession is punished differently under the law.

Some of the most common weapon offenses include:

  • Criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree (Class A misdemeanor)
  • Criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree (Class D felony)
  • Criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree (Class C felony)
  • Criminal possession of a dangerous weapon in the first degree (Class B felony)

The Penalties for Various Weapon Offenses

The severity of the penalties that will be imposed by the court for a weapon-related crime will largely depend on the type and amount of weapons that were found. Most weapon offenses will be prosecuted as felonies, which could mean that a term of imprisonment will likely be imposed. For example, criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree, a Class D felony, is punishable by up to seven years in prison, while criminal sale of a firearm in the second degree, a Class C felony, is punishable by up to 15 years of imprisonment. Even the lowest level felony for a weapon crime (Class E felony) could land you in prison for up to four years, so it is highly recommended that you contact our at once.

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